June 27, 2015 – Saturday Night Races – Red/Checker (Rain) Finished 8th

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June 27, 2015 – Saturday Night Races – Red/Checker (Rain) Finished 8th

Category:Waterford Speedbowl

Heats: Started 5th, Finished: 4th (of 10 cars)

Feature: Started 9th (of 20 cars), Finished 8th (Finishing Order: 36, 43, 77, 27, 21, 72, 6, 51, 04, 7, 98, 1, 4, 66, 15, 78, 44, 47, 17, 85)

Comments:WOW – Carbon copy of last week’s weather this weekend so it appears that the odds of us getting in tonight’s races is a coin toss. Despite the rain out last week, Rob and I found some items to attend to on the 51SK and they should enhance the on-track performance so we’re dying to find out how the car is in race conditions. Stay tuned for updates later this afternoon and evening!

Heat races are done and Rob was uber loose – but adjustment made for the feature which is coming right up (trying to beat weather). During the heat race, the 78 was warned for repeated contact with Rob’s rear bumper and yet he never tried to go to the outside which he had a lane available there if he could have made the outside work.

Feature was actually able to start early despite the occasional rain drops. First caution came with 27 laps to go and Rob had gotten up to about 5th before the 47 came backwards in the outside lane. It was a close call with the inside cars darting by – luckily, Rob held his lane and finally got an opening to clear to the inside. With 15 laps to go the 78 got spun to the infield and Rob restarted 8th again. The 21 made some hard contact with the left front and pinched Rob off into the front chute wall (“my car was tight”) and we’re not sure if it knocked the toe in. Rain came and the race was called due to rain with 15 laps to go. Car was free on entry so we’ll check things out at the shop.

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