Saturday Night – July 16, 2016 – Started 13th, Finished 14th (DNF Wreck with 11 laps To Go)

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Saturday Night – July 16, 2016 – Started 13th, Finished 14th (DNF Wreck with 11 laps To Go)

Category:Waterford Speedbowl

Heats: Started 4th (of 7 cars), Finished – 5th

Feature: Started 13th  (of 21 cars), Finished 14th  (Finishing Order: )

Comments: We were excited to return to racing after our mid-summer week off.  The car was not very good during practice due to trying something new. We were quick to adjust to the track conditions and driver feedback from Rob. Track conditions were really bad and track was slow. Lap times were way off probably due to the special shows during the summer break.

Heat race was TERRIBLE as a car blew a motor in the heat before us, and the track was not race ready (speedy dry all over the track still) when our heat was put on the track. During the heat race, the lead car all got themselves crossed up on the first lap and Rob lifted anticipating a wreck, but all cars saved completed the lap without wrecking. Rob was unable to make forward progress due to track conditions so that made us lose our handicap and start 13th in the feature race.

Feature race started out OK until lap 1 was completed. Going down the front chute, the 94 and 22 came together and that put the 22 hard into the front chute wall. The 21 turned hard left right in front of Rob and there was contact with the left front tire cutting it down forcing us to pit for LF tire change. Rob restarted last, but there was 34 laps to go.

Long story short, the car was GREAT and Rob picked cars off one-by-one and got up to 5th with 11 laps to go. That’s when lady luck turned against the 51SK and the 21 blew some type of oil line right in front of us and that sent the 21, 51 and 72 into spins – Rob made hard contact with the front chute wall (watch video below) ending our night with a DNF and 14th place finish.  We’ll be back next week looking for the podium finish that was in hand last week.

Here’s what it looked like from Rob’s seat – GoPro footage at half speed:

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