Sept. 19, 2015 – Saturday Night Races – Finished 7th

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Sept. 19, 2015 – Saturday Night Races – Finished 7th

Category:Waterford Speedbowl

Heats: Started 3rd (of 8 cars), Finished 5th

Feature: Started 13th (of 25 cars), Finished 7th(Finishing Order: 13, 27, 68, 06, 7, 04, 51, 78, 44, 2, 85, 66, 40, 88, 9, 3, 17, 47ct, 98, 2ct, 43, 15, 72 20)

Comments: Partly cloudy day with temps in the 70’s should make for some good racing tonight. Million dollar question is how will the 51SK handle today after all of the damage from last week’s double features events. I was quite surprised to see how much damage we had after the racing last week. Hopefully, we’ve got the chassis back to a decent baseline that we can quickly tune to the track conditions tonight. We’ll know what we’ve got after the first few laps of practice this afternoon.

Practice rounds were OK – not perfect, but pretty good. We’ll make a few adjustments going into the heat race.

5:57pm – Heat race was bad from the start. The 15 who was on the pole who was 1/2a second slower than the top running cars didn’t make any headway even with Rob pushing him down the chutes. The entire outside row cleared him before Rob could pull to the outside groove and run. Why would you want to start on the pole and get run over? I have no idea why he would like doing that. That 5th place finish cost us our handicap and puts us behind the 8 ball with a start outside the top tier of cars. Rob will have his work cut out for the feature.

8:17pm – Feature race we just had a bad car (way too tight in/out which scrubs off speed). First caution came with 30 laps to go and Rob restarted 7th. Car was OK up to that point, just a little tight. Next caution came with 26 laps to go when the 78 spun coming out of turn 2 – Rob restarted 6th. Next caution came with 17 laps to go and Rob restarted 6th again. Final caution came with 2 laps to go and Rob restarted 7th. We’ll go through the front end and figure out what’s making the car so tight. Hoping to close out the points season next week with a podium finish for our fans and sponsors.

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